Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kudos for Lack

We connect in pain, but rarely in joy. This is a problem for us - financially speaking. You see, those who live in lack tend to do so because those around them live in lack. As a humanity we tend to meet each other where we stand because there is connection in that. We get kudos from others for being just like them...
Have you ever heard (or could you imagine hearing) a wealthy entrepreneur bicker about a $4 latte? It seems unlikely. So if you find yourself baulking at the thought of paying for something at the higher end of the market, perhaps its time to rethink how you communicate with your wallet.
I had a dream one night many years ago, at a time when I was struggling to make sense of money and my old habits. In this dream I bought a cup of coffee for what seemed like an extraordinary amount of money. I wanted to tell this cafe owner in no uncertain terms how disgusted I was by his prices.
But the voice of spirit very clearly came out to me. It said: "Do not argue, just pay". And then I got an intensive vision about my future. My own business would thrive because I chose not to argue over such small and meaningless things now - but allowed this cafe owner to run his own business his way, and giving myself the same grace in the moment. I had the money for this coffee, so why should I be so negative about it all?
So, I have a question for you... are you letting meaningless, habitual bitterness get in the way of making money? When I stopped making noise about the 'price of things' I started to make more money. I allowed money in because I saw that it was just money and there was always more coming from somewhere. I did not need to hold onto it, but was free to let it go.
We seem to get kudos from those who agree with us about how ridiculous it is that... [insert complaint here]. But how would it feel to be a person who was so free to spend their own money that the flow never stopped? You wouldn't need those kudos, because you would be flying high in a completely different (potentially happier) realm.
If we are free to spend, then we are willing to receive. It is that simple. Money responds to our perception of it. Is there never enough, or always more for you?
Monique Williams is a business and success intuitive. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to double their income, increase productivity and develop an awareness of universe and spirit.

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