Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anyone Out There Feeling This Too?

I am always, always wary of big universal messages, the new age movement and anything that relies solely on what is going on "out there" in the universe. There is so much waffle out there that I like to keep my spirituality much more grounded and much more focused on how it can support action, success and peace. Rather than it being the be all and end all of my success in life! It feeds me, it doesn't lead me.
That said, I can't ignore what I am feeling right now, intuitively and energetically. Nor can I ignore the message that I am getting for many of my clients right now: Do not push it, it's not the right time.
We seem to be going through a big change within ourselves right now. I cannot explain what might be going on out there in 'outer-space' and don't really want to! But I do know what many people are feeling right now - frustration. It's like we cannot get ahead no matter what we do. We are being forced to stop doing what we have always done - to be loud, forceful and pushy with our messages and ideas. And we are being asked to stop, turn off and let ideas and success grow more organically.
Many of my clients are being guided to take a load off and go back to work part time, to get separation from their big business ideas. And the reason, I feel, is that we are being restructured, internally or energetically. We just don't have the same level of focus that we had 6 months ago, or perhaps the drive forward that we had 12 months ago. And that's OK. This is the cycle of life.
What I do know will happen if we let ourselves be led to quieter way of life for a while, is that our ideas will be rooted more deeply, because we are not pushing at them and unsettling their growth. I know too that our success will be greater, because it will not be loud, but it will be incredibly pervasive. Lastly, I also know that if I don't listen to this calling from the universe, I am going to break down and not want to stand up again. I am tired, and I am frustrated that I've spent a year to get to a place that is not near to where I want to be!
Though, strangely, hope is bigger than it ever has been, and my focus is becoming more and more clear, the more I stand back and stop pushing. I can't help but see the calling that the universe is bringing forward is very clear. Success comes to those who are patient. And to those who take care not to break down and not want to get up again!
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