Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feather Flags And Outdoor Events

Feather flags are one of the best ways to promote your brand at outdoor events or even better a great way to promote a prestigious event and associate your business with it.
You may remember this summer and the months leading up to it that Jessica Ennis was everywhere as she was the pin up girl for the Olympics. One company, I won't say which but I'm sure you'll remember, rolled out a country wide campaign using feather flags to almost all of their forecourts. The flags were branded with Jessica's image and the London 2012 Olympics without the petrol stations logo or name. I remember several times seeing them and thinking that the whole country is behind the GB team and had a heightened sense of patriotism. Now although the feather flags did not promote the company directly, the power of association was incredible. A stroke of marketing genius I think, associating a brand with a nations pride and all for the cost of a few hundred flags.
Other events like the Great North Run or the Great Manchester Run, use feather flags to directly promote their brand whilst providing information to the runners. Yet again I won't mention their name, but the prominent private health care sponsor places the flags every mile to indicate to the runners where they are in the race and on every flag they have their logo, another example of promoting your brand with an event. Speaking from experience I would also say that as a runner in these events, the mental image of the flags has been burnt into my memory, such was the agony and joy of reaching each milestone!
Now these are obviously large events that are out of the scope for most companies wishing to promote their brand, but the same principles apply to smaller sporting events. If you consider the cost of the flags, the number of people that attend sporting events and the reusability of them, they offer one of the best returns in investment in outdoor marketing. So why don't you use them for school sports days, market festivals and any other outdoor event you can think of.
If you think that they may be hard to put up or that there only suited to certain floor types then you'd be wrong, feather flags usually have either a spiked, concrete or weighted base and a slide on flag that enables them to be erected in seconds, so there really is no excuse.


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