Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feather Flags And Outdoor Events

Feather flags are one of the best ways to promote your brand at outdoor events or even better a great way to promote a prestigious event and associate your business with it.
You may remember this summer and the months leading up to it that Jessica Ennis was everywhere as she was the pin up girl for the Olympics. One company, I won't say which but I'm sure you'll remember, rolled out a country wide campaign using feather flags to almost all of their forecourts. The flags were branded with Jessica's image and the London 2012 Olympics without the petrol stations logo or name. I remember several times seeing them and thinking that the whole country is behind the GB team and had a heightened sense of patriotism. Now although the feather flags did not promote the company directly, the power of association was incredible. A stroke of marketing genius I think, associating a brand with a nations pride and all for the cost of a few hundred flags.
Other events like the Great North Run or the Great Manchester Run, use feather flags to directly promote their brand whilst providing information to the runners. Yet again I won't mention their name, but the prominent private health care sponsor places the flags every mile to indicate to the runners where they are in the race and on every flag they have their logo, another example of promoting your brand with an event. Speaking from experience I would also say that as a runner in these events, the mental image of the flags has been burnt into my memory, such was the agony and joy of reaching each milestone!
Now these are obviously large events that are out of the scope for most companies wishing to promote their brand, but the same principles apply to smaller sporting events. If you consider the cost of the flags, the number of people that attend sporting events and the reusability of them, they offer one of the best returns in investment in outdoor marketing. So why don't you use them for school sports days, market festivals and any other outdoor event you can think of.
If you think that they may be hard to put up or that there only suited to certain floor types then you'd be wrong, feather flags usually have either a spiked, concrete or weighted base and a slide on flag that enables them to be erected in seconds, so there really is no excuse.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things to Consider When Buying LED Light Bars

LED light bars are essential safety supplies for many people who drive special vehicles, like those working in law enforcement such as police departments and traffic enforcers. People who operate construction, security, and vehicles also need these light bars to minimize the risk of accidents especially during nighttime.
An LED light bar is an electrical fixture, which is elongated in form and made up of several bulbs. Like many light emitting diode items, this is an excellent source of lighting. These supplies are known for their long lasting function. As they conserve much less energy than the usual electric bulbs, they are often environment friendly. With this feature, users can also save good amount on their energy consumption.
LEDs have several home uses. In fact, a number of electronic appliances use them. Others use LED for decorative purposes. They are excellent accents on game rooms and rooms with special lighting requirements.
Light bars, however, are mostly used as additional safety features for emergency vehicles like police and rescue cars. They can work as emergency lights while on the road. LEDs are also present in ambulance, traffic lights, and indicator lights. Some prefer to install the light fixtures inside their vehicles instead of other expensive lighting systems.
As LEDs are highly efficient sources of light, they are top options in areas needing excellent lighting. They do not only serve as decorations on streets, they also provide additional safety for motorists and pedestrians.
You need to keep in mind a number of things when buying LED. Whether for decorative purposes, home use, or for emergency vehicles, you need to check out your options wisely. One of the first things you need to consider is the available flash patterns. This is especially useful when using the light bars for emergency cars and vehicles. They usually vary from six to 24 different patterns. You must also consider the ease of switching patterns. This is important because you need to control the number of flashes per minute during emergencies.
Check the case of the bar light as well. Some bars use aluminum casing to dissipate heat properly. Lenses made of polycarbonate are also long lasting options.
When searching for a supplier, always go for one that offers a range of LED products and other emergency light fixtures. You might only need a light bar, but finding a one-stop shop for all your LED requirements will be much better. This is especially useful for police departments that need different types of safety lighting devices such as warning lights, light bars, and sirens.
There are also LED light products for home use. They are proven energy saving and may significantly reduce your electricity bill. Consider replacing your old bulbs with LED lamps and similar products to save on costs and help the environment.
The Internet is a good place to start searching for a reliable supplier of high quality light bars and other related accessories.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anyone Out There Feeling This Too?

I am always, always wary of big universal messages, the new age movement and anything that relies solely on what is going on "out there" in the universe. There is so much waffle out there that I like to keep my spirituality much more grounded and much more focused on how it can support action, success and peace. Rather than it being the be all and end all of my success in life! It feeds me, it doesn't lead me.
That said, I can't ignore what I am feeling right now, intuitively and energetically. Nor can I ignore the message that I am getting for many of my clients right now: Do not push it, it's not the right time.
We seem to be going through a big change within ourselves right now. I cannot explain what might be going on out there in 'outer-space' and don't really want to! But I do know what many people are feeling right now - frustration. It's like we cannot get ahead no matter what we do. We are being forced to stop doing what we have always done - to be loud, forceful and pushy with our messages and ideas. And we are being asked to stop, turn off and let ideas and success grow more organically.
Many of my clients are being guided to take a load off and go back to work part time, to get separation from their big business ideas. And the reason, I feel, is that we are being restructured, internally or energetically. We just don't have the same level of focus that we had 6 months ago, or perhaps the drive forward that we had 12 months ago. And that's OK. This is the cycle of life.
What I do know will happen if we let ourselves be led to quieter way of life for a while, is that our ideas will be rooted more deeply, because we are not pushing at them and unsettling their growth. I know too that our success will be greater, because it will not be loud, but it will be incredibly pervasive. Lastly, I also know that if I don't listen to this calling from the universe, I am going to break down and not want to stand up again. I am tired, and I am frustrated that I've spent a year to get to a place that is not near to where I want to be!
Though, strangely, hope is bigger than it ever has been, and my focus is becoming more and more clear, the more I stand back and stop pushing. I can't help but see the calling that the universe is bringing forward is very clear. Success comes to those who are patient. And to those who take care not to break down and not want to get up again!
Monique Williams is a business and success intuitive. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to double their income, increase productivity and develop an awareness of universe and spirit. You can find out more at:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kudos for Lack

We connect in pain, but rarely in joy. This is a problem for us - financially speaking. You see, those who live in lack tend to do so because those around them live in lack. As a humanity we tend to meet each other where we stand because there is connection in that. We get kudos from others for being just like them...
Have you ever heard (or could you imagine hearing) a wealthy entrepreneur bicker about a $4 latte? It seems unlikely. So if you find yourself baulking at the thought of paying for something at the higher end of the market, perhaps its time to rethink how you communicate with your wallet.
I had a dream one night many years ago, at a time when I was struggling to make sense of money and my old habits. In this dream I bought a cup of coffee for what seemed like an extraordinary amount of money. I wanted to tell this cafe owner in no uncertain terms how disgusted I was by his prices.
But the voice of spirit very clearly came out to me. It said: "Do not argue, just pay". And then I got an intensive vision about my future. My own business would thrive because I chose not to argue over such small and meaningless things now - but allowed this cafe owner to run his own business his way, and giving myself the same grace in the moment. I had the money for this coffee, so why should I be so negative about it all?
So, I have a question for you... are you letting meaningless, habitual bitterness get in the way of making money? When I stopped making noise about the 'price of things' I started to make more money. I allowed money in because I saw that it was just money and there was always more coming from somewhere. I did not need to hold onto it, but was free to let it go.
We seem to get kudos from those who agree with us about how ridiculous it is that... [insert complaint here]. But how would it feel to be a person who was so free to spend their own money that the flow never stopped? You wouldn't need those kudos, because you would be flying high in a completely different (potentially happier) realm.
If we are free to spend, then we are willing to receive. It is that simple. Money responds to our perception of it. Is there never enough, or always more for you?
Monique Williams is a business and success intuitive. She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to double their income, increase productivity and develop an awareness of universe and spirit.