Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Convenience Is Key To Business Success

Gone are the days when one needs to buy a newspaper just to be well-informed of the different shows in his favorite channel. With the invention of the interactive electronic program guide or EPG, we can now enjoy quick updates about the TV stations that we love. What's more these updates can be directed to our mobiles, tablet PCs and social calendars on time.
This advancement is also beneficial to people whose business is to provide programs to all kinds of audiences. When your interactive electronic program guide is empowered, you can keep all your customers updated while keeping the sanity of your customer support team members intact. They need not answer the calls of your clients requesting for show schedules again and again. They would also be free from attending to complains about inefficient TV programming guide. This is because your company will be provided with menu filters that will make it easy for your customers to find and select the shows they are tracking. Thus, the extra time and efforts of your staff can be channeled into other profit-generating activities.
If you want to provide this feature to your clients or subscribers, here are some ideas which you must bear in mind. Firstly, electronic program guide can be interactive or non-interactive. The latter is simply a non-interactive menu that holds scheduling information provided by a cable or satellite TV provider. This is often shown in a specific channel. The interactive electronic program guide, on the other hand, allows audience to navigate scheduling information interactively. This means they can select or navigate shows by time, title station or genre. Keypads or keyboards would be used for the interactive navigation since these information are directed to your customers' mobile phones, tablet PCs and laptops. The centralized information provided here covers one to two week's time of program schedules.
Although this is provided in exchange for a fee, your customers will definitely take advantage of this. This is because it provides many benefits that will suit the busy lifestyle of today's generation of audience. It has changed the way people quickly find their preferred shows. Searching of shows by category and on-screen personalities is made possible by this software. If there is a new show in the schedule, they can learn about it through the detailed description that is provided with it. At times, there are pictures in picture functions which allows them to check on the schedule guide while watching a certain show. More so, your customers can take advantage of the recording of a number of shows that is played online.
In this modern-day and age, getting behind of what technology has to offer can mean lost sales for your company. With the interactive electronic program guide, you can engage more customers and soon boost the rate of your monthly sales. Providing new programs would not suffice if these additions cannot reach your target market. Be open to the use of this software that will make the life of your customers and business operations easy.

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